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The Instinctive Skills & Deliberate Habits Of [Your Corporate Name] Top Producing Sales Professionals

Skills & Habits is a new ”Training Tool” development. Your company can own your own fully customised  book where the title, 22 chapters on corporate culture, personal development and selling skills are 100% customised for your products, sales examples and language - all related directly to the company's culture, industry and sales methodologies.  

The Instinctive Skills and Deliberate Habits of [Your Corporate Name] Sales Professionals has been developed to provide an organisation with a fully customised system of sales training, personal development and methodologies for selling, together with a coaching program for ongoing training and motivation of field sales people as well as executives, supervisors, inside sales personnel and any others whose human relations, public relations, and morale are recognised as being important to the organisation.

Skills & Habits is the first "Made In Australia - On how to sell to Australians" work of its type.

It is very different:

Sales SkillsWith your input, we Customise the book so that the title and content relate to your culture, products and industry.

As we have here for example for Raine & Horne.

When we customise, we spend time with your management changing the title, text, selling examples and sales methodologies to fit your specific needs.

For the first time, a company can have its own Customised Training Book or 22 x A4 Individual Training Modules. How easy for a manager / trainer to be able to go to any of the 22 modules as needed or be able to hand a "Training Book" to every new employee.

This concept represents exceptional value for your training dollar. It can be used for decades as you can always change the contents with new products, techniques etc on subsequent print runs.

Your company would have an ongoing customised program that you can update regularly and own exclusively.

By blending your experience, skills and impute with the proven 22 Skills & Habits modules you can create something new that has most likely never existed in your corporate history. Skills and habits does not just add more information but gives your people new technology and the tools necessary to produce consistent results when dealing with today's highly aware prospects.


  1. Applied Psycho-Cybernetics
  2. The Effective Qualities
  3. The Asset Attitudes
  4. Emotional Control
  5. The Value Benefits
  6. Using the Value Benefits
  7. Product Analysis Exercise
  8. The Creative Approach
  9. The Mechanics of the Approach
  10. Making appointments
  1. The Perfect Presentation
  2. The Demonstration
  3. Objections and their Causes
  4. Benefit from Objections
  5. Structured Closing
  6. Ask for the Order
  7. Welcome Complaints
  8. Physical Preparation
  9. Mental Preparation
  10. Emotional Preparation
  11. Self Analysis for Selling


1. Applied Psycho-Cybernetics

Provides a clear understanding of how to achieve better results from people. This session multiplies the value of every session which follows, because, it helps participants to:

  • Use the tremendous capacity of their unconscious minds to help them to succeed.
  • Believe in their capacity to improve.
  • Remove the limitations that handicap them most.
  • Absorb required knowledge faster, with better retention.
  • Apply what they learn effectively.
  • Develop qualities, skills, knowledge and habits.
  • Improve morale and others morale.
  • Enjoy greater success and happiness.

2. The Effective Qualities

Clearly defines the effective qualities that are essential to success in making a favourable impression on people.

Secures acceptance by participants of their value. Establishes clear standards against which participants can measure themselves. Shows how to develop these desirable qualities quickly. Shatters complacency and strongly motivates participants to strive consistently to improve themselves.

3. The Asset Attitudes

Clearly defines attitudes which are an asset in helping us achieve those things which are most important to us all as salespeople. Maximises our self-motivation and eliminates attitudes which create problems. A vital session, with very positive results.

4. Emotional Control

Convinces participants of the importance of emotional control in achieving objectives and giving quality service to people. Shows how every decision is made to satisfy an emotional need. Gives a clear understanding of why emotions occur and how true emotional control can be achieved.

5. The Value Benefits

Introduces and clearly defines the benefits all people look for in any product, idea or service they consider buying. Shows how to help prospects find the particular benefits they want in the product or service provided.

6. Using the Value Benefits

Provides a simple but highly effective system of enthusing participants on the benefits of the products they sell and services they provide. Helps them to enthuse others and find out which particular benefits each customer wants most, and how to provide those benefits.

7. Product Analysis Exercise

A practical exercise to develop skill in the three step analysis technique that will highlight the most effective selling points for any product, idea or service.

8. The Creative Approach

Convinces participants of the vital importance of the first impression they make on customers and its effect on the customers' satisfaction and their own job satisfaction.

Motivates participants to give careful attention to their appearance, manner, speech and personal habits; their knowledge of people; their knowledge of their role; their emotional control.

9. The Mechanics of The Approach

Convinces participants that their every action and every word will have favourable or unfavourable effect on a customer, and shows how to win customers' liking and confidence.

10. Making Appointments

Explains why prospecting is important to every salesperson. Provides a practical procedure which salespeople should use to prospect effectively and consistently.

11. The 'Perfect' Presentation

Outlines the objectives of a selling presentation. Gives salespeople in any field of selling a step by step procedure for making effective presentations.

12. The Demonstration

Explains the 9 principles of a convincing demonstration. Shows the importance of using visual and audio visual aids, and how to get the best results with them. Provides a thorough analysis of how the salesperson can provide proof, or convincing evidence, that their claims are justified.

13. Objections & Their Causes

Demonstrates how to remove the environment which breeds objections, and shows how to be prepared in advance to answer any objection prospects might raise. How to use valuable proven techniques for answering objections.

14. Benefit From Objections

Develops the right attitude toward objections; how to handle hidden objections.

Provides a complete procedure any salesperson can use successfully to handle objections of every kind.

15. Structured Closing

Outlines the thirteen principles which lead to effectiveness in closing sales. Shows salespeople how to use an organised sequence of powerful closing actions.

16. Ask For The Order

Provides valuable tips that focus on how to conclude sales professionally without wasting time or upsetting customers.

17. Welcome Complaints

Provides a practical procedure for handling complaints which enables participants to win Customers-for-Life rather than losing customers. An extremely valuable session!

18. Physical Preparation for Selling

Clearly defines those physical attributes which make up today's professional salesperson, covering relaxation, health, diet, appearance, manner, speech, etc., as an overview towards the importance of our Physical Preparation for Selling.

19. Mental Preparation for Selling

Outlines why the most valuable preparation of all lies in forcing ourselves to think about our work Mental preparation is hard work but very rewarding.

20. Emotional Preparation for Selling

Eliminating that which causes us to create wrong attitudes and habits, putting worry in its place, why emotional preparation is one of the most important preparations you can make for the lob of selling

21. Self Analysis for Selling

Shows how to learn from experiences, how to get the best results for yourself, results which will be long lasting and benefit the salesperson throughout their life.                                                                                            

The Benefits:

Complete protection for the trainer from the 'normality' of the participants drifting back to old habits after training.

Assured performance due to the highly structured but easily administered "system" behind the training.

Readily understood by conference leader because of its logical approach -- shows the leader in a most professional light to attendees.

Conference leader's role is natural and comfortable, system is easy to run and requires little preparation after initial training.

The system has its own built-in survival factor and will continue to produce outstanding results for many years.

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